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Save the planet for a mouthful of bread

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Every day, businesses in your neighborhood (grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries…) throw away their products, having failed to sell them during the day. The Phenix app gives you the chance to save these products, for a small price, by choosing between themed baskets from each business. Who said you had to go bankrupt to eat responsibly?

Download the application to discover partner businesses near you

Choose a business and a type of basket (vegetarian, organic, halal…)

Pay securely and accumulate loyalty points on the app

Go to the business during the time slot indicated to pick up your basket

Your mission should you choose to accept it: put an end to food waste!

Since 2014, Phenix has worked every day with more than 1,300 charities to help our partner stores donate their unsold goods. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to eliminate all waste.
40 tons of food are still thrown away every second around the world!
That is why we help businesses sell their unsold goods at low prices on our app and count on you to fight by our side!

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Ecological and economical?

With the Phenix app you can take a stand for the planet while saving money on errands! Our baskets are sold on average at 50% less: a truly good deal in just a few clicks.
Even better? There’s something for everyone: you can find themed baskets, adapted to your diet. You won’t miss a thing!

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Return products to their true value ✨

We produce more than we consume, so at least keep what’s still good!
Because no, almost expired or slightly misshapen doesn’t mean good for the trashcan.
Take pleasure in the little things: fruits and vegetables, fresh products, pastries, organic products... it would be a shame not to save them!

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“Each day I prepare 1 to 3 baskets and give someone the chance to eat good meat at a low price!”
Francis Berger
Butcher at "Les Boucheries Francis"

Are your favorite businesses not yet on Phenix?

We work daily to involve as many business owners as possible in the Phenix adventure against waste. If you want to help us out, don’t hesitate to contact a Phenix branch near you and send us your recommendations for businesses to contact.
Our team would love to meet them!

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