Your unsold goods
haven't said their last words just yet

Your unsold goods
are a resource!

Do you regularly have products left at the end of the day, and are horrified by the waste? Are you frustrated by the loss of sales that they represent? Good news: there are solutions other than the trash can, and they are very easily put in place!
Whether you are a restaurant owner, baker or grocery store manager, Phenix can give you tailor-made solutions to put an end to waste in your business. Thanks to our anti-waste application and our network of charitable organization partners, you will no longer throw anything away. We promise!

Our solution options:

Selling themed baskets on our app

Donating to Phenix’s charitable organization partners

We all win by throwing away less!
up to
of unsellable inventory used
meals saved
6,000 €
euros saved
new clients
1,800 €
euros in generated gains
900 kilos
of food saved
4 tons
of CO2 emissions avoided
1,200 €
euros in generated gains
320 kilos
saved from the trash
daily views of your business

Our results

On average, per year and per partner

“With Phenix’s tailor-made solutions, we saved 2 million meals in 2018!
Cécile Guillou
General Executive Director of Franprix
Together, we can end waste!

Flexible and rapid solutions.

Designed to make your daily life easier, our anti-waste solutions are adapted to your needs. You can sell or donate your unsold goods in a few clicks!

Gain visibility!

A new clientele will find you and discover your business thanks to your anti-waste commitment. You’re doing good things, talk about it!

Human and digital support.

We will help you implement our solutions in your business and assist you 7 days a week if you have the slightest glitch. Track your performance in real time with our digital tools.

They are engaged at our side

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