Zero Food Waste

Every day, products are removed from shelves because they can no longer be sold. Yet most of them are still totally consumable. Good news: there are solutions besides the trash can!

Don’t wait any more, discover our solutions for recycling and reusing your unsold goods, reducing your waste and improving your profitability!

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Waste ?
We know a lot about that!

Our objective: help you achieve zero food waste

At Phenix, we support you with our solutions for recycling and reusing your unsold goods. Acting as an “anti-waste coach,” we promise you a presence in the field, training for your team and regular logistic monitoring.

In this way, you can save money on the treatment of your waste and take a stand for the planet!

Our solutions for zero food waste

Selling excess food at a reduced price on our app

Clearly labeling nearly-expired products

Giving unsold goods to charity

Using what’s left for animal food

We all win by throwing away less !
up to
of unsellable inventory used
reduction in organic waste
euros saved
tons of waste avoided
meals saved
up to
of unsellable inventory used
reduction in organic waste
euros saved
tons of waste avoided
meals saved

Our results

On average, per year and per partner

“With Phenix’s tailor-made solutions, we saved 980 tons of food in 2018
Cécile Guillou
General Excutive Director of Franprix

A gesture for the planet and against hunger

We are ready by your side to help you find the best solutions, in order to improve your profitability and reduce your waste.
Thanks to your concrete actions, you are a participant in a positive initiative and a global movement to fight against waste and food instability. One hundred million meals have already been saved by Phenix. Become part of the movement!

“Since we have been working with Phenix, we have considerably reduced our level of waste, and are now considered a zero food waste store! Thank you Phenix”
Anne-Lise Stéphany
Quality Manager - E. Leclerc Pontivy

A zero food waste store? It's possible!

A dozen of our partner stores are pioneers and have already achieved “zero food waste.” This means that they no longer throw away any consumable product.
An acknowledgement that highlights your anti-waste commitments and is part of the global movement towards responsible consumption.

They are engaged at our side