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sustainable events

At Phenix, we are betting that events in the future will have to be sustainable and responsible. This is why we will support you in reaching zero-waste at all your events: receptions, expositions, festivals, seminars… Are you ready to do battle with waste?

réduire le gaspillage alimentaire sur les événements

Organize eco-responsible events

We take care of everything! With our expertise in the fight against waste, we will recover your food and material surpluses (furniture and scenography) and give them to local charities. A united and eco-responsible way of effectively fighting waste and obtaining the ISO 20121 certification!

We give you all the keys to educate your guests and share your CSR commitments internally and externally. You do good things, talk about it!

Zero Waste

 We are able to construct tailor-made strategies for raising awareness of waste. What better way than a sales event or a cooking workshop to make your customers or partners aware of food waste?
Whether you’re looking to boost, realize or highlight CSR initiatives in your company, our dedicated team will support you.

Organize your eco-responsible event
Our solutions for sustainable events:

Food donations to charities

Material donations to charities

Raising awareness in guests and communication

Events that create value
more than
11 tons
of food saved in the events sector
certified charitable organization partners
anti-waste missions carried out in the events sector

Our results

On average, per year and per partner