Your surplus
is a resource!

Producer, manufacturer or wholesaler, are you looking for simple and effective solutions for food and non-food waste? Discover our recycling, reusing and waste prevention solutions to improve your yield, save money and take an active part in the fight against waste.

loi gaspillage alimentaire industriels

Reuse all of your unsold goods and save money

Each day, completely edible products are sent to the dumpster. Recently expired foods, ugly fruits and vegetables, damaged packaging… Do you also think these products deserve a second life?

At Phenix, we think waste isn’t an inevitability. Our reusing, recycling and waste prevention solutions allow you to improve your yield, save money, and take an active part in the fight against waste. Are you ready to take the leap?

Our solutions to reach 100% reuse and recycling

Advice on and prevention of waste

Donations to charity

Destocking: NOUS anti-waste supermarkets

“Thanks to Phenix, we were able to easily donate 270,000 oral hygiene products to thirty charities”
Perrine Coumes
Global Marketing Director at Oral Care
How it works

A turnkey service to improve your yields

Our recipe for success? An expert mix of technology and human. Using our large network of partners (1,300 charities and the network of NOUS anti-waste grocery stores), you have all the ingredients in hand to take down waste!

Effectiveness, fluidity and traceability

Optimal traceability, from the warehouse to reception. Transport is taken care of by Phenix or the beneficiary association, and you know exactly what you saved thanks to our balance sheets.

Expert support

Be zen: be sure to comply with regulatory developments in terms of organic waste management and the fight against waste

Share your commitments!

You’re doing good things, why not talk about them? We provide communication support aimed at highlighting your responsible, anti-waste approach.

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