Finding the food solutions of tomorrow.
The sooner the better.

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Nothing is left behind

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Another way
of doing business
is possible.

Dedicated to the values of Tech For Good, we are committed to showing that it is possible to put social and environmental impact at the center of a company. And it’s possible without making concessions on economic growth.

Today, we are proud to be labelled a Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility, and to have received a B-Corp certification for social and environmental performance.

When we throw something out, it’s only because we haven’t yet discovered its purpose

As part of this principle, Phenix has been putting those who have too much in contact with those who have too little since 2014. In this way, we give a meaningful second life to unsold products, and come full circle.

Determined to create a world without waste, Phenix proposes 4 alternatives to the trash can:

Donations to charitable organizations, in order to give a second life to unsold items

Donations for animal food (farms, zoos…), for the unsold products that aren’t edible for humans

Selling products at a reduced price on the Phenix app, so that everyone can buy unsold items at low prices

Compost and methanation for the rest (peels, organic waste…)

Today, Phenix is the anti-waste startup leader in Europe:

meals saved each day, and 60 tons of waste avoided daily.
partnerships with companies and shops, who trust us to make the most of their unsold goods. Among these, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, caterers, and local businesses.
charitable organizations, with whom we work daily to give a meaningful second life to unsold goods.
individuals using the Phenix app!
Phenix employees ready to give a hard time to waste in more than 25 French cities and 4 countries in Europe: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium.
startup gaspillage alimentaire

For a global problem,
Local solutions!

Everywhere that there is waste, we are there. So, naturally, we cover all of French territory, from Strasbourg to Toulouse, including Grenoble and Caen.

Waste has no borders, and we don’t either: Phenix exists in 5 countries with 27 local branches.

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Waste, it’s persistent, but we will overcome it!

One third of what we produce is produced… for nothing. In other words, a third of the energy and resources necessary for production, transportation and distribution of our food is thrown in the trash!

Waste is an environmental/social/economic absurdity.

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Do you want to push boundaries?

We are looking for adventurers ready to join us in accomplishing our crazy mission: creating a world without waste! Head in the clouds, feet on the ground… Hands in a trashcan, challenges don’t scare you!